Research & surveys

We have undertaken research and surveys on a number of key areas of waste management, including market studies (for example RDF capacity, arisings or fuel supply agreements), research papers (for Defra, and the MOD), technical modelling for new processes and more recently supporting WRAP on studies including mandatory recyclability labelling and the re distribution of surplus food.

Case Study

Research & surveys
WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme)
Project Title:
Food Redistributions Project
Project Summary:

The redistribution of surplus food is the process of providing food, which is not sold and would otherwise be discarded as waste or used as animal feed, to organisations and charities which can make it available for human consumption. The objective of this project was to gather evidence for Defra and WRAP to identify the key barriers to increasing the redistribution of food, the opportunities for accessing more of the available surplus food and identifying possible areas of intervention. The research was commissioned to inform the development of the Defra Food Waste Fund. FRM used a detailed survey approach to collect primary data from a quota of food manufacturers, hospitality and food service companies and redistributors.

Key Words:
Food Waste, Survey

The Council’s queries were quickly formulated into a clear and concise project brief and the subsequent report was completed promptly. The report will support a robust decision making process for the Council.

South Staffordshire District Council