We undertake carbon modelling and reporting at an operational level from all types of facilities and operations though our sister company, Credibly Green . For waste management we use WRATE and other industry data to determine carbon impacts of specific recycling operations, collection services and alternative treatment and disposal options. This service models all utilities. We also develop, update and support ISO14001 environmental management systems.

Case Study

Environmental Reporting
Benham BMW
Project Title:
Environmental Impact Report - BMW
Project Summary:

Frith Resource Management offers affordable carbon reporting and consultation services. Credibly Green recently produced an Environmental Impact Report, detailing the energy and resource efficiency of a BMW dealership. During this investigation, it was ascertained that by far the largest contributor to CO2e (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent) was the use of electricity on site. Through the use of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures, Credibly Green was able to outline the best way to improve the dealerships environmental credentials, without the need for them to sacrifice on core deliverability.

Key Words:
Environmental Reporting and EMS

‘Credibly Green’s report was a simple way to illustrate our commitment to being more sustainable, to distinguish our business further. It was a useful tool to highlight where our most significant impacts lie, and target the areas which would have the most environmental benefits.’

Benham BMW