Shrewsbury Friends of the Earth - Plastics event

On bonfire night Paul (Managing Director) and Leanne (Environment Consultant) presented at an event organised by Shrewsbury Friends of the Earth. The event was titled ‘The Plastic Problems and Solutions, Global, National and Local’. The event was well attended, an audience of between 150 and 200 people and local environment groups were well represented including Stretton Climate Care and the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Leanne opened the event by providing an insight into the plastic problem on a global scale. She firstly provided an overview of global plastic production/generation to present and the impacts it has had especially with regards to marine plastics. She then went on to discuss sustainable, small scale solutions Waste Aid UK are sharing and implementing in a number of low-income countries.

Paul followed, providing a national overview. Paul described the history of waste management in the UK and defined the initial drivers for recycling plastics in the UK. Paul then went on to explain what ‘we’ as individuals can do to reduce our plastic consumption and what incentives are required from central government and agencies to move away from a linear economy (use of single use plastics) and towards a circular economy where by plastics enter a closed loop system.

Alison Thomas from Cwm Harry/ Zero Waste in a Box concluded the presentations by discussing the projects which are reducing plastic waste locally. Ali enlightened the audience with the number of initiatives that are popping up in Shropshire in particular in Shrewsbury.

A lengthy, interesting and thought-provoking discussion followed, there were a number of questions asked about the use of plastics as a substitute construction material for the use of filling pot holes etc. The representatives of the local environment groups were showcasing their work supporting those in the audience who required support to move their own initiatives forward. Members of the audience shared their personal experiences for example where they shopped for non-plastic packaged items.

The event was a great success and it was inspiring to see so much momentum for plastic free initiatives in the local area.

Leanne presenting on the global problem of plastics Leanne presenting on the global problem of plastics
Well attended event! Well attended event!
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