A day in the media

A busy end to the week, an interview with the Editor of ‘The Environment’ magazine first thing this morning. We spoke about how the release of the Resource and Waste Strategy was much needed continuing the momentum gathered by successful campaigns such as Blue Planet to increase the sustainable management of waste in the UK including reducing plastic consumption. We also spoke about the four consultations within the Resources and Waste Strategy which were released earlier this week, including a Plastic Tax, Deposit Return Scheme, Extended Producer Responsibility and Consistent Waste Collection Systems across England. We explained in detail how these consultations will shape the future of waste management and will provide pull factors for both manufacturers and consumers to make informed and sustainable decisions in the future. The consultations are striving towards an environment where by waste and resources will be effectively managed in a closed loop system with Local Authorities being provided support and funding to drive a well-managed and effective system forward.

We have also been apart of an interview with BBC Midlands today on how we have been supporting a ‘Plastic Free’ start up pop up shop. Green Options Zero Waste have been utilising our spare office space to launch their plastic free shop, they have been selling dried foods, snacks, reusable coffee cups, bee’s wax cloth, bamboo toothbrushes, metal straws and much much more.

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