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Last month, FRM were delighted to lead an Australian delegation on a tour of Spanish and UK waste management facilities.

Over the course of the (very busy!) week, FRM arranged visits with 8 different sites; 6 within the UK and 2 based in Catalonia. The visits were arranged to provide the delegation with the opportunity to see a range of treatment, recycling and recovery facilities. This included examples of two different EfW technologies (incineration and gasification) in the context of individual waste treatment facilities and also as part of integrated waste management sites.

In addition to visiting the thermal treatment facilities, the study group were also able to see a number of waste management and recycling facilities including three Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) plant, two Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs), a transfer station, a Household Waste and Recycling Centre and a flat screen dismantling facility. The week was supplemented with further meetings with a thermal treatment residue recycling company (O.C.O UK Ltd) and LWARB. Many thanks to the facilities and organisations that hosted us for a highly informative week.

FRM have delivered international waste consultancy services for Malta, South Africa, Indonesia, Tanzania, India and Australia. In addition to study tours, related projects have included developing publications on waste management options and technologies, collection studies, national guidelines, delivery of training courses to central and local government officers, independent evaluation of novel waste technology solutions, procurement support and feasibility studies.

Marasme site tour in Barcelona Marasme site tour in Barcelona
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