Collection modelling and planning resources for new services

Around a third of our clients over the past two years have been trying to get a handle on the cost, operational implications and environmental performance of evolving services to meet the latest policy requirements. The word ‘evolving’ is important as there needs to be due consideration of: vehicle replacement schedules, service contracts, budgets lead in times for procurement of services, lead in times for procurement of vehicles, resourcing factors (e.g. driver availability), Government implementation timelines (in England) being uncertain.

The modelling of waste and recycling collections is needed to provide an indication of the outputs of the change, notably in terms of cost, carbon and recycling rate. These create important messages in setting the context for elected members in terms of decision making. Exploring sensitivities around the options is also necessary to understand areas of uncertainty, like the effect of implementing a nationwide Deposit Return Scheme (DRS).

Furthermore, there will always be some unique factors to a Council context, and whilst we have worked with over 60 Councils, there will inevitably be something new or an area of interest that requires greater emphasis. That said experience is important in conveying learning and different experience in other areas, especially when a proposed scheme is new to the Council in question.

Our modelling provides evidence to inform any or several of the following: resource planning, budgeting, Net zero / carbon reduction ambitions, contingency arrangements, contract renegotiation, a new procurement, evidence behind a resource & waste strategy or carbon strategy.

Depending on the motivation (above), the requirement for independent advice can vary from a simple presentation to Members, through to a full set of modelling, to a Resource / Waste strategy, or a procurement plan. As a specialist consultancy we can be very flexible and responsive to Council needs in this regard.

Frith Resource Management are an independent consultancy providing modelling, procurement, strategy and research activities. We established in 2008 and our details are on , call 01746 552423 to chat through anything, or email

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