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We are a dynamic, friendly and flexible team who are on hand to respond to your waste and resource management needs. We have a vast amount of experience in the sector and offer the widest range of waste management and environmental services available. We have our clients’ needs and interests at the forefront of our service delivery. From the outset we ensure that we recognise and understand our client’s needs and objectives, we tailor a solution or outcome to meet that need and regularly inform and engage with clients on project progress. Our skilled and informed team ensure that our client is actively involved in the project but taking the pressure away from them.

We provide a responsive service, and can readily adapt to changing needs, ranging from small-scale single stage projects to multiskilled complex projects with a number of deliverables. We blend ingenuity and creativity with technical skills to ensure that our clients are provided service which is fit for purpose and goes beyond their expectations.

We utilise the range of skills our team has, to not only provide advice and modelling capabilities but also to engage in conveying information to a wide variety of audiences, from the board room, to the public, the press, technical officers or elected members.

We have a commitment to promote and deliver Social Value principles in all of the work we undertake. We take part and support a wide range of activities which allows us to engage with the wider community, support local businesses and the local economy whilst reducing our impact upon the environment. These activities and initiatives include:

• Delivering a volunteering scheme that delivers benefits to local communities (we volunteer some of our time to support WasteAid)

• Providing students from local schools and colleges with work experience/placement opportunities

• Supporting local environmental groups and other community activities

• Using renewable energy suppliers

In addition to our activities, as part of our Social Value commitment, we donate 0.5% of all project fees to support charities and other organisations. We have a Social Value Policy which is supported by our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications (see link to Policy on the right-hand side).