The FRM team have worked with a range of key suppliers, manufacturers and procurers of products and packaging and can provide analysis and recommendations in areas such as:-

• Sustainable supply chains

• High level Life Cycle Assessment of options

• Review of critical materials

• Carbon assessment of options

• Sector specific analysis

• Circular economy & resource management

• Surveys and primary data gathering

Case Study

Sustainable packaging
WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme)
Project Title:
Mandatory recyclability labelling
Project Summary:

Consultation on the national Resources and Waste Strategy suggested that there is support for mandatory recyclability labelling information to be included on consumer packaging to drive up recycling rates and to provide consumers with information to support their purchasing decisions. The scope of the project was to determine the costs, timescales and potential barriers relating to the introduction of mandatory recyclability labelling on all consumer packaging. FRM undertook a survey of businesses, with the focus on retailers and packaging manufacturers. The survey was undertaken via a structured web-based questionnaire with email and telephone follow-up for clarification. We obtained excellent coverage of the survey, obtaining detailed responses from over 100 businesses, encompassing all retail sub-sectors. We also reviewed the experiences from overseas where such schemes have already been introduced.

Key Words:
Packaging, Survey, Market Research