FRM have produced guidance documents for central and regional Government in the UK (e.g. Defra) and internationally (Australia, South Africa) on the available options for managing municipal waste. This has included a suite of documents for Defra (covering MBT, Advanced Thermal Treatment, Mechanical Heat Treatment, Incineration) and training courses internationally.

We have developed bespoke carbon models to represent specific residual waste treatment facilities covering the full range of technologies available and peer reviewed carbon models developed by other consultancies (Parsons Brinckerhoff, Arup).

FRM have applied this experience in residual waste treatment procurement (e.g. Norfolk, Swindon) and in options appraisals for waste / resource management strategy projects.

A case study is below

Case Study

Waste Treatment Technology
Project Title:
Resource Recovery Technology Guide, for Sustainability Victoria
Project Summary:

FRM provided technical content for the Resource Recovery Technology Guide covering mechanical, biological and thermal treatment technologies (conventional and advanced). It included the environmental impacts, risks, management of outputs and procurement issues in addition to the technology description.

The full report is available here.

Key Words:
Technology, Recovery, Waste Treatment, Recycling