We deliver site assessments, cost modelling, competitor analysis, market assessment, strategic outline cases, feasibility studies and business cases for resource and waste infrastructure development.

Example projects have ranged from depots to transfer stations to Materials Recycling Facilities. We have also supported on procurement of larger infrastructure projects (e.g. waste treatment facilities).

These projects are often undertaken on behalf of local authorities or private development companies. Various Governance structures have been analysed including ‘Teckal’ exempt companies and arms’ length companies to explore the deliverability of potential opportunities.

A case study is below.

Case Study

Waste Treatment Technology
Project Title:
DEFRA Waste Treatment Technology
Project Summary:

Frith Resource Management has a high level of technical expertise in Waste Treatment Technology. In 2012, Frith RM produced a series of reports on treatment technology for DEFRA. These technical documents outline cutting edge technologies that may be suitable for use in the UK, including advanced thermal and biological treatment. These briefs can be utilised by senior waste management decision makers, allowing them to become more informed on the variety of advanced waste treatment that is available. Frith RM continue to keep up-to-date with important developments in the sector and are represented on technical committees and submit papers on new developments.

Key Words:
Waste Treatment Technology Infrastructure, Business Cases & Feasibility

FRM have always offered excellent service, a very good understanding of our requirements and have always delivered these to our complete satisfaction