FRM have been contributing to central Government policy development through research, evidence and modelling works since 2009. This has included a wide range of topic areas within the waste and resource management sphere, including: international evidence on waste prevention programmes; carbon impact of collection and treatment of food waste, and; residual waste treatment options.

We have peer reviewed central Government carbon models and Commercial & Industrial waste national carbon models. FRM have provided evidence for central Government policy in further areas such as labelling for recyclability, food waste liners and surplus food management. Furthermore, Paul Frith has reviewed bids for central Government capital funds for local authorities.

A case study is included below.

Case Study

Modelling for Policy Assessment
Project Title:
Introducing mandatory recyclability labelling - costs, timescales & barriers
Project Summary:

FRM undertook a survey of businesses, with the focus on retailers and packaging manufacturers, but supplemented by interviews with trade associations and industry bodies. Our initial target was 70 companies across each sub-sector of the consumer retail industry (we achieved over 100 responses). The survey was undertaken via a structured web-based questionnaire with email and telephone follow-up for clarification. We used OPRL and the various trade associations as an avenue to circulate the questionnaire information and link, as well as our own contacts. We also reviewed the experiences from overseas where such schemes have already been introduced (e.g. France’s Triman system). The responses were collated and analysed to produce an output report for Defra’s subsequent use.

Key Words:
Labelling, Evidence, Producer, Recyclability