At FRM, we have a commitment to promote and deliver Social Value principles in all of the work we undertake. We take part in and support a wide range of activities which allows us to engage with the wider community, support local businesses and the local economy, whilst reducing our impact upon the environment.

As part of our Social Value commitment, we donate 0.5% of all project fees to our Social Value fund. We use this fund to donate to local causes, charities and environmental groups. Some recent examples of how our Social Value fund has been used over the past year include supporting Bridgnorth Youth Club, a local organisation, in securing enough funding for the club to continue; contributing towards the prizes for an Eco Trail event in Bridgnorth, which were vouchers for local refill shops; donating to the ICCM Malawi Project, which supports recycling in Lilongwe; committing funding towards the purchase of a community heat camera in Bridgnorth, which will help to identify heat loss from housing.

As well as the Social Value donations that we make, we support local environmental groups and other community activities.

FRM have a Social Value Policy which is supported by our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, you can find the policy here.