We are experts in local government waste management systems and in both waste arisings and the technologies used to manage them. We undertake performance benchmarking on most of our Council projects and have worked with over 60 Councils in the UK.

We have provided market intelligence to waste contractors seeking to enter a new local Government contract area and provided evidence of likely impacts of new waste collection schemes within a specific local authority context.

FRM has researched the market for waste feedstock for innovative and conventional waste treatment processes. We have delivered numerous market assessments for availability of waste for local authority trade waste aspirations, private sector commercial waste ambitions and for infrastructure development projects.

Case Study

Market Intelligence
Tom White Waste Ltd
Project Title:
Market Capacity Assessment
Project Summary:

FRM undertook a market assessment and competitor analysis for Tom White Waste Ltd, to support business growth planning and investment decisions. The size of SME business opportunity across the East and West Midlands was estimated, as well as a competitor analysis to understand the geographical areas / potential market gaps that the client could fill.

Key Words:
Market Assessment, Competitor Analysis