Return of the Strategies

When Frith RM was established 13 years ago the bulk of our work was writing options appraisals and municipal waste management strategies (MWMS), to address the challenges of the time. Since about 2012 there have barely been any MWMS started in the UK, as we were all awaiting further policy clarity and focussed on 2020 targets. The publication of the last round of national resource and waste strategy consultations, changing priorities and in some cases reaching the end of a previous strategy, has now meant that a lot of Councils are renewing, reviewing or refreshing their plans for the future.

We are now working on three Strategies and believe there are more to come. In fact, team members that joined in January have pretty much only worked on Resource and Waste Strategies and I have to point out that this isn’t normal when you look at the breadth of our teams experience! However, it is important to set out intentions, consider the impacts of changing collection systems, identify carbon impacts and evaluate costs (with and without new burdens and EPR support). It is a different world in terms of policy, targets, options and priorities since the strategies of 2008 – 10.

New procurements and services should be founded on solid direction and priorities and developing a MWMS is a good way of exploring these, using workshops with officers, members and other stakeholders and incorporating public consultation. Options appraisals will shortlist the most appropriate campaign areas, collection systems, reuse and recycling options, and treatment methods, using performance, cost, carbon and other factors relevant to the Council/s.

For a chat about Strategy options don’t hesitate to call us on 01746 552 423 or email or we will also be at RWM this week and can catch up over a coffee if you are there.

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