Frith Resource Management have worked in stakeholder engagement since the company’s inception in 2008 and have a thorough understanding of different perspectives on environmental and resource management issues.

FRM are able to provide assistance throughout the full public consultations & stakeholder engagement process. We support the development of questions, focus groups, analysis of tick box and open comment responses, compilation of reports and implications to the strategy/policy or operation.

We operate on public consultations for resource and waste strategies, net zero carbon strategies and other environmental aspects such as Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

Case Study

Public Consultation & Analysis
Leicestershire County Council – Resources & Waste Strategy
Project Title:
Development of a Joint Resources and Waste Strategy for Leicestershire
Project Summary:

FRM provided technical advice, consultation support and content for the development of a joint resources and waste strategy for Leicestershire. This entailed organising and facilitating a range of stakeholder engagement workshops, managing the strategy review process and developing draft documents including Headline Strategy, Options Appraisal, Environmental Report, Consultation Questionnaire, Non Technical (public facing) Summary document, Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessment (EHRIA).

The project involved an extensive public consultation exercise with over 5000 responses to the survey and additional input via focus groups. Frith RM supported focus groups and analysed and coded the responses, generating a summary report, including implications for the Strategy.

Key Words:
Public Consultation, Partnership, Strategy, Joint working, Options Appraisal, Stakeholder Engagement, Consultation, EHRIA