FRM have developed waste market studies and fuel availability assessments for a wide range of clients over the past five years. This has included development companies seeking to identify a feedstock for their waste treatment or energy recovery process, through to a private contractor or local authority commercial waste collection service looking to expand their share of the market in a particular region or sub-region.

We have also included a competitor analysis and consideration of municipal waste contracts within a given area.

A case study is shown below.

Case Study

Waste and Fuel Availability Studies
Royal Haskoning
Project Title:
Feedback Supplier Assessment
Project Summary:

Royal Haskoning appointed FRM to undertake an assessment of feedstock suppliers for a waste derived fuel Production facility. This work has been used in conjunction with wider due diligence of the facility by Royal Haskoning.

FRM drafted an overview of the general UK market context for waste and RDF. Particular consideration was given to the direction of travel of Government waste policy post-Brexit and the impact of changes in renewable energy support. Consideration was also given to the future of landfill tax and the potential for incineration tax, in the UK and northern Europe. The focus of the document was to determine factors likely to impact on the supply of feedstock to the plant.

FRM conducted telephone interviews with 22 feedstock suppliers to assess the level of interest, commitment and business fit with supplying RDF-type material to the facility. Information gathered included an overview of each company’s activities, sites and processes. Information was also sought on the quantities of waste handled, the sources of waste and the destinations / markets for the RDF-type material. Where available, information on the contractual arrangements each company has with other off-takers to determine the potential implications of the agreement on their business.

Key Words:
Market Assessment, RDF, SRF, Feedstock, Suppliers