Greening the Bridgnorth 10K

As several members of the team enjoy running, we wanted to support the local running club with their annual 10k race by helping them to be a little ‘greener’. We explored the idea of having reusable cups on each of the water stations and at the end of the race however there was a health and safety concern with regards to runners ‘drinking and dropping’ the cups and others slipping or tripping on them. We have therefore chosen compostable paper cups and have been liaising with Veolia who have agreed to accept the cups at the green waste bay of their Bridgnorth Household Waste Recycling Centre, for composting. Paul who is a member of the Bridgnorth Running Club is going to be the ‘Waste Manager’ on the day of the event and ensure that all of the paper cups are collected and sent to be composted. There is a significant move and momentum for events to be more sustainable, at this year’s London Marathon Lucozade was handed out to runners in a seaweed pouch and Glastonbury have recently announced that single use plastic bottles will not be available.