Wearing out the Environment

Fashion sustainability is becoming a much more common term in today’s society - is this the beginning of a new era of responsible shoppers and businesses? Has the increase in consumerism been the catalyst for the rapid increase in garment manufacturing, which has led fashion to be the second most polluting industry in the world? Brands and businesses must foster the movement towards a sustainable fashion future, adopting greater ecological and environmental responsibility. With the uncertainty of today’s climate, the pressure on not just the consumer, but also brands and businesses, to adopt a ‘slow fashion’ approach is essential to reduce the impact on the environment throughout every stage of a garments lifecycle - from sourcing, production, transport, retail, use and disposal.

A recent article published by the BBC provides a peek into the disruptive methods and impacts of the second most polluting industry in the world and perfectly puts into perspective how important a change is: “Globalisation means things can be produced in far-off lands at low cost, meaning more choice and lower prices. But how is that even possible? And what of the environmental cost of our shopping habits? The relationship between shopper and fashion industry may have become dysfunctional.”

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