Delivering Social Value at FRM

At FRM, we try to do our bit by giving back to the local community and supporting environmental initiatives. With social value having gained much importance over the last few years, we have noticed an increase in the significance of this within contracts and the projects which we deliver.

As outlined in our Social Value Policy, 0.5% of all project fees go into our social value fund, which we then use to donate to worthy causes. With our office being based in Bridgnorth, a proportion of this fund goes to local causes, as our way of supporting the community. Some recent examples of this include a £500 donation to Bridgnorth Youth Club who were struggling to secure funds, and the purchase of a community heat camera to help residents in identifying heat loss from their properties.

As well as supporting our community of Bridgnorth, we are aware of the varying significance that social value initiatives can have in different areas. Therefore, we are also open to providing social value initiatives within the local areas of our clients, or for worthy causes which they are particularly supportive of.

We also make wider contributions to environmental causes within our field of work, these have been as far as Malawi, where we donated funds to support recycling in Lilongwe!

FRM continue to seek worthy projects/causes to support in the future, if you think we could support you through our Social Value fund then please contact Rosie at Further details of our social value activity are included on our website here.