New Defra report - environmental impacts of residual waste treatment options

Frith Resource Management worked with Resource & Waste Solutions Partners (RWSP) to undertake a modelling exercise for Defra to provide evidence on the estimated environmental impacts of residual waste treatment options, both pre-pandemic and in 2035.

The analysis considered various advanced treatment options (e.g. gasification with CCGT or to produce chemical outputs) and more conventional technologies (EfW, EfW with CHP, landfill). Carbon Capture and Storage was also modelled for appropriate treatment options and consideration given to the maximum amount of carbon sequestration that could occur in landfill.

The project also involved engagement with industry to understand the prospects and barriers for the development of more novel treatment options. Strategic considerations including the interaction with the circular economy and relative placement of different treatment options within the waste hierarchy were also discussed in the analysis.

This evidence provides important context for near and long term residual waste management decision making.

A copy of the report is available here (Project code 0310)