The Evolution of a Resources & Waste Strategy

Developing Municipal Waste Management Strategies have been at the core of the services provided by Frith Resource Management since 2008. FRM are proud to have supported Leicestershire Waste Partnership (LWP) as they publish their new Resources and Waste Strategy 2022-2050.

FRM worked with LWP, which is composed of Leicestershire County Council and the seven borough and district councils, to undertake the full Strategy review process and public consultation and develop the new Strategy which sets the scene for delivering the recycling and waste management services from 2022 to 2050.

The Strategy review process, undertaken by FRM, included a full Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), including statutory consultation, detailed options appraisal and public consultation. The options appraisal provided evidence behind any anticipated performance improvement, it measured carbon performance, cost and recycling rate for different collection options. Further aspects also considered included social value and alignment with waste management policy. This document, together with a set of non-technical summaries and a draft Headline Strategy, underpin a public consultation exercise which allowed residents to comment on the direction and service implications of the proposed Strategy. The consultation applied a range of methods including an online questionnaire, social media and face to face meetings, providing a range of opportunities for residents and other interested parties to participate.

Over the course of 12-weeks, more than 5,000 people had their say on the draft Strategy for Leicestershire. FRM provided full analysis of the responses which was used to inform the final Resources and Waste Strategy, which is now due for publication.

The Strategy sets out a clear vision for Leicestershire, including 12 pledges which demonstrate a commitment to deliver reuse services and encourage residents to prevent unnecessary waste. The pledges collectively aim to improve environmental performance, raise recycling rates, increase reuse, save raw materials and reduce carbon emissions in alignment with local aspirations for net-zero.

FRM also worked with the Partnership, utilising public feedback in the consultation, to develop a detailed action plan to enable LWP to effectively implement the Strategy, taking into account pending legislation, and deliver on the vision agreed by the Partnership across the Strategy period.

Once published, the Strategy will be available here: Engagement 2022 | Leicestershire County Council.

FRM provide a complete Municipal Resource and Waste Management Strategy and Public Consultation service in different local authority contexts, including the development of new strategies, options appraisals and undertaking periodic reviews and updates of existing strategies. This is particularly relevant as proposals within the National Resources & Waste Strategy for England pose major reforms for the industry and the management of Local Authority services. See or call +44 (0)1746 552423 or email