FRM scored 99 out of a possible 100!

Feedback summary based on the last 5 feedback forms received

We aren’t really ones for blowing our own trumpet, but we have been asking for feedback from all clients since 2012 and our average score since that time has been 95.61% ‘satisfaction score’, and this year has increased to 99%. The detail is below, all 5 latest responses stated that the level of service provided was of an ‘excellent’ standard. Four of these clients scored us as ‘excellent’ across the board, on all 4 indicators, the other client gave us three ‘excellent’ scores and one ‘very good’ score, so there is still room for improvement… 😊


Quotes from the respondents;

‘Friendly and approachable, doesn’t have the corporate style of a larger consultancy which is a good thing. In future we are likely to require more detailed assessments of options and assistance with service design and procurement’

‘Frith RM combined their excellent technical knowledge and thoroughly professional approach with a friendly down to earth manner. First draft documents were very high quality, responses to queries were swift and the final product was comprehensive yet easy to understand. That is quite an achievement for such a specialist area of work’

‘Paul was knowledgeable and eloquent and provided the right level of interpretation for the complexities of waste collection modelling’

‘As ever, excellent support from a knowledgeable team, who are easy to work with and go the extra mile to deliver a high-quality project’

We look forward to working with you in future, contact me or call 01746 552423, visit the website for more details on projects completed, capabilities and references.